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Armitage 07.19.11 is out

Fellow Geek our Favorite GUI for metasploit Has new release.


The new features according to change Log are as follows


Armitage Changelog




19 Jul 11 – Change Log


– You may now execute a post module against multiple hosts at once.

Simply highlight the hosts, find your post module, double-click it

and watch the magic happen. The drawback–each session will open a

new tab to display the output of the post module.

– You may now hold down shift and click on a tab to close all tabs

with the same title. If you run a post module against multiple hosts

this is a good way to get rid of all those tabs.

– Graph view Ctrl+P shortcut (save screenshot of graph view) now shows


– post module output now logs to ~/.armitage/[host]/post.log

– Fixed some weirdness with popup menu mouse events not being consumed

– Added View -> Activity Logs to open folder containing Armitage logs

– Fixed command history so up arrow really gives the previous command

– Keystrokes dumped using dump button on key scan dialog are now logged

to ~/.armitage/[host]/keyscan.log

This new release can be downloaded from the developers website


Download Link

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