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Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) Download Now

A small Linux Live cd Lightweight Portable Security (LPS), created by USA’s Department of  defence  focuses on privacy and security which has the power to turn any untrusted computer system into a trusted network client.

LPS-Public has the following features

  1. General web browsing
  2. Connecting to remote networks
  3. It includes a smart card-enabled Firefox browser supporting CAC and PIV cards
  4. PDF and text viewer
  5. Java
  6. Encryption Wizard – Public.


System Requirements :-

  1. A computer system with x86 processor (PC or Intel-based Mac).
  2. 512 MB RAM (LPS-Public). 1 GB RAM (LPS-Public Deluxe).
  3. Wired, wireless (WiFi), or cellular broadband Ethernet (DHCP highly recommended).
  4. Ability to boot from either USB or CD-ROM (LPS is available on either medium).
  5. To access CAC- or PIV-enabled websites, a CAC or PIV, and a USB CCID-compliant smart card (CAC/PIV) reader with updated firmware.


Download :- Qu1ck St@rt Guid3

Download :- LPS-Public ISO image

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