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OWASP Mantra – Security Framework

Mantra is a security framework which can be very helpful in performing all the five phases of attacks including

  1. reconnaissance
  2. scanning and enumeration
  3. gaining access,
  4. escalation of privileges,
  5. maintaining access
  6. and covering tracks

Apart from that it also contains a set of tools targeted for web developers and code debuggers which makes it handy for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks.

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Mantra is lite, flexible, portable and user friendly with a nice GUI. You can carry it in memory cards, flash drives, CD/DVDs, etc. It can be run natively on Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It can also be installed on to your system within minutes.

Project Goals

  1. Create an ecosystem for hackers based on browser
  2. To bring the attention of security people to the potential of a browser based security platform
  3. Provide easy to use and portable platform for demonstrating common web based attacks( read training )
  4. To associate with other security tools/products to make a better environment. Eg:
    1. It can be a nice addition to security distribution OSs like OWASP Live CD
    2. It can be used to solve basic levels of CTF contests
    3. It can associate with projects like DVWA to showcase attacks
    4. It can bring functions like crawler, SQL injection scanner etc by installing extensions.
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