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Metasploit 4.0 Released


zer0byte Metasploit 4.0

Fellow geeks ,nerds and unsocial people hello, i would like you guys to meet your new best friend Metasploit 4. This new kick ass tool is really like the old one :p but there are few new things in it that might give u a lil bit of interest.

features include

1) Cool ASCII MSF BANNERs (oooh boy )

Click here for the complete show off

2) Metasploit now sails along 716 exploit modules, 361 auxiliary modules, and 68 post modules.

3) 20 new exploits, 3 new auxiliary modules, and 14 new post modules have been added since the last release(3.7.2)

4) Several import parsers were rewritten to use Nokogiri for much faster processing of large import files.

5) Adding to Metasploit’s extensive payload support, Windows and Java Meterpreter now both support staging over http and Windows can use https. In a similar vein, POSIX Meterpreter is seeing some new development again. It still isn’t perfect nor is it nearly as complete as the Windows version, but many features already work. Java applet signing is now done directly in ruby, removing the need for a JDK for generating self-signed certificates. The Linux installers now ship with ruby headers, making it possible to install native gems in the Metasploit ruby environment.

if u are already sick by reading this carp for which i apologies for not giving a warning about it befor3, please kindly proceed to download.





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