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TOP 10 Cloud OS


Fellow Geeks cloud based computing are apps of the  future. Web Based cloud OS enables it users to move their desktop anywhere they want and with the  help of any web browser they can have it back.  Cloud OS these days come with pre-installed web App which are no different than actual Computer based applications. These pre-installed web Apps allow users to store their docs and pictures, listen to music , send an email , chat and much much more straight from their web based OS.

The Coolest feature of cloud OS are that it only takes few seconds for them  to boot.  These cool Web apps can also be acced from Mobiles and Tablets aswell.

Here is the list of 10 Cloud OS Enjoy.

1) jolicloud

jolicloud-logo                  jolicloud-screenshot



2) Eye Os

eyeos-logo                                         eyeos-screenshot



3) g.ho.st

ghost-logo               ghost-screenshot



4) start force

startforce-logo            startforce


5) glide os

glide-os-logo              glide-os-logo


6) zimdesk


zimdesk-logo               zimdesk-screenshot


7) mygoya

mygoya-logo                my-goya-screenshot


8) Peppermint

peppermint-logo               peppermint-screenshot


9) EasyPeasy OS

easy-peasy-logo                 easypeasy-screenshot


10) amoeba os

amoebaos-logo              ameobaos-screenshot