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Wifi Honey By Digi Ninja

I really admire the work and projects developed by DigiNinja. I came to know about digininja when hak5  did a show on one of his projects by the name of  “Jasager” a wifi man in the middle tool. I swear that was one of the most craziest things i ever saw.

Now the same cool developer has come up with a shell script that automates a wifi network scenario in which he creates 4 APs with None , WEP , WPA and WPA 2 encryptions to find out what wifi encryption a client is probing  for.

The developer has also mentioned on his website that he got the idea for this cool script while he was watching Wifi Security Mega Primer from @securitytube

Complete Installation Guide and the shell script can  be downloaded from the developers website.


Developers work day and night just to come up with coolest tools for us to use and because of that  i would like to request all of  my geek readers to kindly support them by donating , following on twitter or facebook and mentioning them on your blogs before using their scripts. These small kind Jesters really encourage them to come up with more and better tools.






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