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Things I Always Carry in my USB Drive

B3ing a full time g33k is not easy at all :p . The re@s0n i am saying this is that noobz are everywhere in this plan3t and these  noobz talk shit alot which most of the time they don’t understand themselves. They Talk just cuz they have to. They talk just to make  the real g33ks look bad, which in fact is very wrong thing to do. Just to make them shut up and make them realize where their real place is (which is the deepest depths of hell)  i carry few amazing ultra toolz all installed in my USB Drive.

These toolz give my usb ultra powerz like pure ownage of organizations networks  (no seriously ), sniff passwords, DOS , MiTM Attacks, Retrieve Passwords and Deleted Files, Take down wireless networks  and many cool things which you normally see in movies. L3t me tell you something that the toolz i am gonna talk about are not secret at all. They are all freely available for download. Its the imagination inside me that makes me do these things :p …. Be imaginative G33ks.

Now let me begin with my USB Ultra Toolz List.

  • Backtrack :-  I always carry backtrack linux distro installed using the great Unetbootin utility in my usb drive. The reason behind carrying this linux distro is that this is one of the best penetration testing Linux yet released which is also one of the most updated linux dristro as well. Another great reason for carrying it is that it never lets me down. when ever i needed internet it was always there for me :p . My Personal fav distro of backtrack is bt3 cuz i learned to hack wifi networks on this distro and i find it 2 use , may be i am i just lazy to install a upgrade version :p.

Note :- i also keep a newer version of aircrack-ng as well :p just use the -P function of airbase-ng

Download Link for Backtrack

  • inSSIDer :- Another kool tool which is also always in my usb is the wireless network analyzer inSSIDer. This a reall cool application is really fast in wifi network analyzing and its also alternative to “NetStumbler”. Don’t call me noob if u think i dont know how to use kismet :p lol come on guyz i use this just for fast wifi lookup thats all :p.

Download Link for inSSIDer

  • Superscan 3:- One the best network scanners which are dam easy to use. I am loyal to superscan cuz its always be loyal 2 me ….. 😛

Download Link for Superscan 3

  • NirLauncher:-  Yo G33ks its a must have … this the ultimate All one solution for us. My description says it all.

Download Link

  • Recuva :- Simple to the point windows file recovering tool.Must have for usb drives .

Download Link

well thats all from me my loyal geeks. These are all the toolz i carry in my usb.  Well let me add one more thing is that usb drives are your things keep anything you like :p don’t restrict yourself to these toolz keep exploring neet toolz and please share with me as welll cuz sharing is lovin :p

Peace Out …..


  1. Moon says:

    thanks, this was enthusiastic…
    but i think once you were also a noob.. dont hurt us. though noobs dont talk shit about d33ks. but come on