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Armitage 09.08.11 Released Download Now !!!

The Great Developer Raphael Mudge has released a new version for Armitage (GUI for Metasploit)


Armitage Changelog




– Armitage now highlights the event log tab when something new is posted and the

tab is not active. Control the color by editing tab.highlight.color pref.

– Fixed a bug preventing preference values from saving properly (and having an


  • Added “Check all credentials” option to the login dialogs. This option will login to the service to test each credential. Successful logins will populate the credentials table.
  •  Fixed a bug preventing the first open console from scrolling all the way to the bottom when open.
  • Credential export button now escapes the file path (making the button work on Windows). This bug is another good example of why you should use Armitage on Linux. It’ll just work. Windows users: expect surprises.
  • Use Ctrl+Shift on a tab X button to remove the tab and create a desktop window with its contents. I suspect you’ll find this really useful at times.
  •  Armitage now remembers your auto-layout setting. Right-click in the graph area to change it.
  • Setting armitage.show_all_commands.boolean to true will now run each exploit in its own tab. Setting this is a good way to get feedback on the attacks you launch and to learn the Metasploit console better.

 Download Now.

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