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Windows Passwords Gone In 3 Seconds !!!

Hello Fellow g33ks, I have created a batch script file using Password Extracting tools created by Nirsoft. Password Extracting  tools by nirsoft support extra “Command Line Options” which helps in extracting contents which are normally password to text, html xml etc formats. This bat file automates the process of extracting passwords so that you don’t waste time opening the application and manually saving passwords to a file.

This Batch file Is a Real Time saver.

Just imagine keeping this bat file in your USB Drive and extract passwords of every single user’s machine on which you have physical access having windows :p. Don’t blame me, I am just saying :p

I have combined the following  Nirsoft’s Apps.

  • Dailup Password Recovery // its name explains itsself.
  • Messenger Password Recovery Tool // extracts passwords from messenger Apps.
  • Network Password Recovery Tool
  •  Web Browser Password Viewer // Extracts Passwords from Chrome/ IE / Mozilla and Opera.
  • Wireless Key View // used for extracting WEP /WPA / WPA2 PAsswords stored on a machine.

You can also add more password recovery tools from nirsoft but for that u just have to add them in “NirSoft” folder and then you just have to edit the bat file a lil bit just make them work the smoothly.

Just Run The “pwdgonein1sec.bat” and watch the show. Passwords will be automatically save in “Passwords” Folder.  Theses Files are created with username of  the victims machine  so u dont have to worry about files getting over written 😉


Download BAT File

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  1. Ajnabi says:

    not working, only finds stored password of wireless

  2. Zer0Byte says:

    eheem eheeem @u want see zee’s passwords ?

  3. Zaheer Ahmed says:

    Its really amazing n unique website …. i just loving its post .. thanks for these great posts :p

    All the Best.


    Zaheer Ahmed

  4. RA1G3N says:

    Getting “not recognized s an internal or external commend”.
    No passwords are saved.

  5. Zer0Byte says:

    @RA1G3N: how are u running the batch file? every thing should be inside single folder & password outs are saved in password folder.