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Microsoft & Adobe Releases New Security Patches

Microsoft and Adobe the software King Kongs  have released security updates for their products in order to patch very critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited to execute malicious code.   Microsoft Released five (5) security patches that covered ‘remote code execution” and elevation of privilege flaws in Windows, Office and Sharepoint.

MS11-071 bulletin addresses a publicly disclosed DLL hijacking vulnerability in the Windows components handling RTF, TXT and DOC files. By placing a rogue dynamic library into the same remote directory as a file opened by the victim, an attacker can force its execution.

MS11-073  for Microsoft Office. They allow a potential attacker to execute malicious code by placing a rogue DLL in the same network directory as an Office file.

MS11-072 addresses five separate remote code execution flaws in Excel that can be exploited by tricking victims into opening maliciously crafted XLS files.

MS11-074 and MS11-070 security bulletins cover six elevation of privilege (EoP) vulnerabilities, one of which is located in the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) and the rest in Sharepoint.

Adobe released new versions of its Reader and Acrobat products to patch (13) thirteen vulnerabilities, most of them critical (i am not surprsied at all). In addition to the vulnerability patches, the new versions also incorporate the latest Flash Player security update released last month.


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