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SkyNet: 3G Enabled WIFI PWNing Drone

SkyNet Drone 3G Enabled WIFI PWNING Drone

Ok Geeks, this is one of the most craziest thing i have seen so far. The reason is simple, That  its cheap to make and it Insanely awesome.  I Present you the ultimate 3G Enabled WIFI PWNING DRONE !!! All made from pure passion, l33t h@x0rZ Skills and a parrot (drone not real parrot). The Guys in the Lab Call it the “SkyNET” (i am pretty much sure from where they got their drone’s name from 😉 ).

 This WIFI  PWNing drone implements a 4-step attack procedure to enlist hosts into the network. The  call this procedure PAAE (pilot, attack, attack, enlist).

Drone can CRACK WEPs , WPAs and Can also run the Metasploit’s autopwn.

I am definitely gona own this thing on3 day for sure 100 % positiv3 about it …

Here is the Video Enjoy

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