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Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Geeks if you ever wanted to use a single mouse and a keyboard over multiple computers then worry no more because “Synergy” is here to fix this problem.

Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk. Just move your mouse off the edge of your screen.

The Coolest thing is that  you can even share your clipboard items as well.  All you need is a network connection just to make this magic trick work. Synergy is cross-platform  which works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

I being a total computer geek, i had trouble understanding it for the first time but when i did guys it was really a nice experience. Just to save your time, i have added detailed and a beautiful video Synergy Video Tutorial  from  http://pc-addicts.com

Video Tutorial from Pc-addicts.com (Recommended)

oh btw cuz of synergy i share a single wireless A4 Tech G9 Mouse beween two laptops 😛

so what are you geeks waiting for give it try ….

Download Synergy 

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  1. Chris-D says:

    Thanks for sharing the video and the kind words. From all of the comments I have received on this video, it appears it’s really helping people out.

    Fellow Geek 🙂