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Write Exploits and Earn Cash

Write exploits and earn Cash

Ok Dear h@X0rz, i know one thing about u guys for sure is that you freaks are very very skill full as compared to general Public (noobz). Some of you might be good in XSS  or maybe some of you might be good in exploits. No body is perfect in this world. But there is a thing, if you got a talent in something then why waste time ? why don’t you earn from it?

Now here is you chance to earn Cash from your extreme h@X0rz skillz. Yup you heard me rite .  Developers of Exploit Pack Security framework have said that they will pay amount of $2 for every approved Exploit.

Thats just awesome, Just imagine you find out like 10 Crazy exploits and obviously cool exploits get approved easily :p, Straight away you 20$  in your PayPal Account. This is just the beginning, by working more on exploits i can assure you guys one more thing that there are  jobs out there that require exactly the same skill set. Get it ? more expertise on exploit discovering more chances of you getting a good and highly paid job.

So what is Exploit Pack ?

Exploit Pack is an open source security framework developed by Juan Sacco. It combines the benefits of a Java GUI, Python as  Engineand well-known exploits on the wild. It has an IDE <— to make the task of developing new exploits easier, Instant Search and XML-based modules. 

Exploit Pack - Security FrameworkOverview Video

So what are you great HaX0rZ waiting for ?

Download Exploit Pack Framework Now 

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