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HSTF: Hcon Security Testing Framework

HSTF Hcon Security Testing Framework Yet Another  web browser based security Testing Framework. It is Smilar to Mantra

Specification :
1. Based on Chromium & Firefox Source (iron build) version 14
2. more secure and Tracking free from Google & Stable then other Chromium based builds
3. Over 100 tools integration with very easy use interface
4. Tested and heavily modified tools suggestions contributed by professional pentesters , web developers , Security researchers
5. Free and open source
6. Totally Portable (no need to install) , you can carry it around in your usb , memory card etc.
7. Runs on all windows including windows – XP , VISTA , 7


Download HSTF For Chrome

Download HSTF For FireFox

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  1. thank you reviewing my tools sir
    but i want to make some things clear to everyone ,Hcon STF is based on browser but not just a browser based tool , its my underdevelopment tool , with my max time on improving it.
    u will see the deference to the upcoming releases which going to make a huge difference between Hcon STF and others

    Thank you

    Ashish Mistry
    Malware Researcher, Penetration Tester, Trainer
    Founder of http://www.Hcon.in

  2. also for firefox edition i have made morecustom tools integration, more xss , UA and more

  3. Zer0Byte says:

    Pleasure to have your comment over here sir. would love to see more from your side. All the best. Cheers