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Metasploit & Armitage: Checkout whats new

Metasploit update armitage whats New

Metasploit 4.1 and Armitage: What’s New?


Armitage Changelog


10.13.11 take II?


  •  updated msf3/data directories to account for new install locations.
  • Removed Meterpreter -> Access – > Duplicate because it is now redundant with Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session
  • Updated Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session to have LPORT of default Meterpreter listener. Click Launch to simply duplicate your current session.
  •  Added Meterpreter -> Access -> Steal Token to list and steal user/group tokens
  • Updated meterpreter multiplexer to not expect output from rev2self.



  • added ability to set up VNC on a target when connected to a remote Metasploit
  • Armitage now tells you where to connect your VNC client to access the desktop of a compromised host. You’ll need to have a local VNC client available.

Metasploit RealVNC 4.1 Authentication Bypass Exploit

Download Armitage 10.13.11

Download Latest Metasploit



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