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Network 0wnage from a Hax0r phone

netwokr ownage from hacker phone n900 hacking phone pwning phone

Its a every haX0rz dream to pwn a network in a way that nobody could ever imagine how the hell that attack happened in the first place.  Everyday passionate hackers around the world work hard to come up with insane new techniques to leverage networks in a new and creative ways. These days network ownage from mobile phones is also one of the hot topics among hackers, because they know that mobile phones these days are very powerful,beautifully integrated with smart mobile Os like Android,IOS , Maemo , Meeg0 etc and are highly customizable with cool applications.

N900 is a phone simply designed for hackers. The reason is that the phone’s operating  system is based on Maemo a linux mobile operating systemm, Has 600 MHz arm processor which can be easily overclocked. I have overclocked mine to 850 Mhz and works perfectly.

Overclocked N900 to 850 MHz ( Screen Shot of Conky ) 

n900 overclocked to 850 Mhz easily.

There is a very nice article on how to overclock your n900 easily by thehandheldblog.com (click here to check it out)

We all have to agree on one thing that when ever a hacker finds out that the os is linux, he’ll 100%  positively going to install it with  his favorite tools like aircrack-ng, ettercap-ng, kismet , wireshark, rouge ap scripts , metasploit set and etc.

We already know that  Nokia’s N900 is a linux based mobile phone and has a good processing speed, which infact are the the best ingredients required by hackers to use this phone as a ultimate pwning phone to carry out attacks such as network attacks, wireless network attacks, Phishing attacks , MITM Attacks and much more.

I have turned my n900 into a mobile pwning phone. I have installed my phone with following tools by which i can easily carry out network based attacks.

  • Aircrack-ng (complete suite)
  • Cleven (Maemo Based GUI For Aircrack)
  • Wireshark
  • Ettercap
  • SSL Strip
  • YAMAS (Yet Another Man In the Middle Attack Script for Maemo)
  • Conky ( Detailed mobile cpu monitor Conky )
  • QT Mobile Hotspot
  • Debian LXDE
  • Power Kernal v48
  • x11VNC Server
  • Ssh Server / Client
  • WifiEye (Wirelnes network Monitor GUI)
  • Bleeding Edge Wlan Injection Driver for N900 ( Download From here )
  • Gnome Network Tools
 My N900 Desktop view 
Cleven Aircrack Gui 
Cleven for N900 Screen Shot
X terminal:- whoami and aircrack-ng suite
Ettercap GUI 
Ettercap for n900
Wireshark For N900
Gnome Network Tools 
Gnome Network Tools for n900
Qt Mobile Hotspot 
Qt Mobile Hotspot For n900
The Best part is that all these tools that i have mentioned are easily available from maemo’s repository for download.
If you already know a little bit about that the tools that i have mentioned, you can well imagine what i kind of network attacks can be carried out using this Ultimate Pwning Phone.



  1. alexander says:

    i have this phone, it worked great, i say worked because i have to reinstall the whole operating system cuz it wont boot now, do you know where i can dowload the image or if its even available for download.

  2. alexander says:

    great website by the way…

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