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Tools Required to Live in an #Anonymous World

tools required to live in an anonymous world

Disclaimer:- The author does not represent nor has any link with any group that has destructive intentions. The author accepts no liability for the content, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. This content should be only used for educational purposes.

In this article i will try to explain why some group of  people in this Digital age wants to live in the “World of  Anonymous”  &  what Tools can be used to develop an Anonymous World.

Let me Start off with one of the Quote from the famous Anonymous Group

We [Anonymous] just happen to be a group of people on the internet who need — just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that we wouldn’t be able to do in regular society. …That’s more or less the point of it. Do as you wish. … There’s a common phrase: ‘we are doing it for the lulz.’ ” 

[Trent Peacock. Search Engine: The face of Anonymous, February 7, 2008.]

Anonymous Group is basically a group of people who believe in the freedom of speech. They believe that being anonymous is the safest way on the internet to spread the word of freedom, Injustice and humor. This Anonymity status is normally gained over the internet by using some set of tools which allow them to hide their actual self. They try their level best to live in a trace-less world, a world without  fingerprints or footprints.

Here is the List Tools that can be used in order to develop an Anonymous world. Some of the Tools mentioned here are most of the time used by the anonymous group themselves, if you just see few of their tweets  where they have mentioned you for sure would be able to see  these  tools being used.

These tools are publicly available for free to download and use. It All depends  in the end of the day how you use  them and what tasks you carryout using them.

I hope You enjoyed reading it.

Have Fun.

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