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Hackthissite.org: Basic Mission 1 – 10 Walk-Throughs

Hackthissite.org: Basic Mission 1 - 10 Walk-Throughs

Hackthissite.org is the place where i grew up. This wonderful website gave me encouragement  in a really geek way that i could hack something.  The thing that really inspired me more about this great project was their philosophy.

Hack This Site Philosophy

We believe everyone should have free access to all information. Hacking should not be a privileged skill – everyone should have the opportunity to learn about computer security in this age of internet enlightenment. We seek to facilitate a free and open training ground where people can test and expand their skills in a safe, legal and realistic environment.

Just to get started, I have added Basic Missions Walk- through from mission 1 – 10′ which you can find them here http://www.hackthissite.org/missions/basic/. These mission walk-throughs videos are basically made by different users I have just put them in one place just for your ease. They have really worked hard to make these video, you can thank them by commenting and liking their videos.

Note:- I still recommend that you at first try to solve  the missions  at hacthisite.org yourself instead of using these walk throughs.  I know being a hacker makes you solve things more efficiently  and quickly but using these walk throughs wont make you a better hacker. So its better that you try solving them first and if you fail doing  so  then see these walk throughs.

Basic Missions 1 – 5 


The first  mission of HTS is the easiest mission on the Planet :p. If you are watching this mission’s walk-through, then mr geek0beat you really have to work hard on your hacking skills. Just kidding, All the best.

Basic Mission 6


Basic Mission 7


Basic Mission 8


Basic Mission 9


Basic Mission 10


Enjoy …

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