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SET Update Secmaniac renegade Download now v2-4

Dear Geeks update your set now. This time more development is done on wireless attack vectors. The wireless attack vector will now properly redirect victims back to the SET attack machine and have a full fledged fake wireless access point and that is indeed beautifully wicked. Just love these guys.

Full Version 2.4 Change Log

version 2.4

  • Rehauled the fake ap attack for menu style and stability
  • Added the option for fake ap attack to use either a or IP ranges
  • Added commands to properly bring up tun interface in fake ap attack
  • Added variables to the dhcp3 launch command for stability
  • Added some color styling to the check_length error message
  • Fixed a minor code issue in stop_wifiattack.py
  • Fixed a minor issue that caused the log file to error out if file was not found
  • Added a descrpition if no MSSQL servers were identified during a scan
  • Fixed a bug that would brute force a null IP address
  • Fixed a bug in the man left in the middle that would cause it to error out

So what are you guys waiting for ?

Download: SET Renegade  now !!! 

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