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Armitage 11.13.11: Checkout whats new

According to the developer on armitage’s facebook fan page

“This release is the biggest overhaul of Armitage since it’s first release nearly a year ago. New features include dynamic workspaces, download mgmt, and improved key logging. This update also scales to thousands of hosts, it’s faster, and compatible with Metasploit going forward. db_autopwn is gone in the coming Metasploit release, but Hail Mary will always be with you. One note–the latest Armitage requires a base of Metasploit 4.0 or greater. Older installations do not have some of the libraries Armitage now depends on. This means BackTrack 5 is out, but BackTrack 5r1 is in.

Change Log

Armitage Changelog


11.13.11 – A major rewrite of a lot of stuff.


  • Moved from XML/RPC interface to MSGPACK. This should be much faster.
  • Removed Armitage dependence on Metapsloit db.* API–since it may go away soon.
  • Attack recommendations and Hail Mary no longer depend on db_autopwn. New code offers same results with improved speed.
  • Simplified Hail Mary and Find Attacks to use port/OS information only.
  • Greatly improved keystroke recorder. The option is now called “Log Keystrokes”.It uses the Metasploit keystroke_recorder post module. Results are regularly dumped into the post module window. Also, the results are stored as loot available for the team to view.
  • Launching the keystroke_recorder post module now makes an announcement to the event log.
  •  Added a button to Processes tab to log keystrokes. This will bring up a the keystroke_recorder module configured to migrate to the process and record keystrokes there.
  • Removed Workspaces menu. Armitage now works from the default workspace.
  • Simplified Hosts menu.
  • Meterpreter -> Access -> Persistence now calls persistence post module.
  • Improved Meterpreter -> Access -> Steal Tokens, it’s still wonky but it’s a little better now.
  • Host import now uses db_import command running in a console.
  • Added Armitage -> Set Exploit Rank to update the minimum exploit rank value.
  • Armitage now displays up to 512 hosts and 12,288 services at any given time. This keeps Armitage operable even if you scan a big freaking network.
  • Added dynamic workspaces. This feature gives you the ability to define a filter on the database and Armitage will display only hosts that match this filter. You may define filters based on operating system, open ports, and network address. Go to Workspaces -> Create to create a filter. Filters show up under the Workspaces menu and you may switch back and forth betweem them too.
  • Simplified the Connect dialog. One button. 🙂
  • Right-click Scan option now scans for HTTPS.
  • Check all credentials option no longer tries blank passwords/username as pass
  • Added a read optimization to the console code. This will reduce load in a team engagement + make consoles feel faster when there is output.
  • Armitage now opens the event log tab instead of a metasploit console tab in team mode.
  • Fixed a host sorting issue in table view.
  • Moved View -> Targets to Armitage -> Set Target View
  • Overhauled how Armitage handles downloaded files. Downloads are saved to a set place on the attack server. Downloads are available to the whole team through
  • View -> Downloads. This works like the loot viewer. Team members may view textfiles or download binary files. This method is friendlier when downloading whole directories of stuff.

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  2. Pavan says:

    The reason is silmpe if you have more than one computer you can switch to an other computer because the operating sytem (BackTrack) is installed on the USB key is positive part or if you have already two operating system in one computer in dual boot the usb key can be more useful in that case