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PHP Vulnerability Hunter

What is PHP Vulnerability Hunter?

This is the application that detected almost all of the web application vulnerabilities listed on the advisories page. PHP Vulnerability Hunter is an advanced automated whitebox fuzz testing tool capable of triggering a wide range of exploitable faults in PHP web applications. Minimal configuration is necessary to begin a scan; PHP Vulnerability Hunter doesn’t even need a user specified starting URI.

How does it work?

At the core of the PHP Vulnerability Hunter scan algorithm is dynamic program analysis. Unlike many vulnerability scanners and fuzz tools that rely on static analysis, PHP Vulnerability Hunter analyzes the program as it’s running to get a clear view of all input vectors. That means better code coverage and as a result greater confidence in code security.

What are some of the key features of PHP Vulnerability Hunter?

  • Automated input vector discovery.

    Through the use of an intelligent multi-pass scan algorithm PHP Vulnerability Hunter performs a thorough search for input vectors–even those that may be unreferenced on the rendered target page.

  • Integrate fault detection.

    Several different fault detection methods are employed to accurately detect faults and determine what input caused them.

  • Minimal configuration.

    Performing a full scan on an application requires configuring two settings: the HTTP server document root and the path of the web application. The automated input vector discovery handles the rest.

Proven effective.

PHP Vulnerability Hunter has revealed vulnerabilities in several widely used web applications. For more information see the Case Studies page.


screen shots from :http://www.autosectools.com 

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