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Shodan:Cheat Sheet by XSS Root

Read about Shodan last week..so now this week,its about shodan cheat sheet


Shodan makes so easy to find any device which is in the internet.Down below are few cheats in shodan based on devices.

If you want to check a particular  service in a particular target then it would be like

Usage:service name host name:target.com

Example: apache host name:target.com

To find if the  target is running the having the port open then use

hostname:target.com port:80,21,22 or to find a particular web app running, we can use “zabbix” http port:80. This is almost similar to the google dork “Zabbix 1.8.4 Copyright 2001-2010 by SIA Zabbix”.


In order to find the below shodan cheats for a particular country,then use the “country” keyword

Example admin+1234 country:US



Pwn time.If you still using the default username and password for your router, then its the time to change it.

admin+1234 — shows the routers which has default username and password as admin and 1234

“default password” – shows the devices which can be accessed by their default passwords.

netgear– default username and password




snom embedded–Can be used to find SNOM VOIP.Also without authentication.

port:5060 snom

snom embedded 200 OK


huawei -301 -302 -400 -401 -Web interface for Huawei IP phones–no authentication required




No need to explain..You g33ks know it 😉

scada country:Any country ( example scada:SE) – shows the scada devices from sweden

“200 OK” i.LON

port:5060 Nortel

EIG Embedded Web Server-Electro Industries GaugeTech SCADA

port:161 SLC5




Hack Cisco

1993 “cisco-ios” + “last-modified”

cisco-ios- list the cisco devices wth level_15_ access and view_access

7912 cisco

port:161 cisco ios

CISCO 200 port:5060-Cisco SIp gateway

Cisco VPN Concentrator

cisco last-modified Accept-Ranges: none


Now you can also do the surveillance 😛

Server: SQ-WEBCAM-

Boa ipcam- Boa cam Vivotek Network Camera 200

Techno Vision Security System- Also vulnerable to Directory Traversal File Download

imagiatek ipcam

“Default Login” Authenticate

dcs 5220

Ubicom -401


More to come.. will be updated …

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