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KBeast (Kernel Beast) Linux Rootkit 2012

KBeast (Kernel Beast) 2012 is a Linux rootkit that hides the loadable kernel module, hides files and directories, hides processes, hides sockets and connections, performs keystroke logging, has anti-kill functionality and more.

Developed By:- IPSECS

Download KBeast (Kernel Beast) Linux Rootkit 2012 now

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  1. jeandez says:

    Hi ,
    i’m trying to install kbeast on ubuntu 11.04. I don’t quite understand how to use it remotely. I was obliged to be root before intalling because i didn’t try but i don’t think it is possible to normal users to do “insmod”. Tell me if i’m wrong.
    My real problem is how to use kbeast if it is install on a computer that i want to hack remotely.
    I need your help because i want to use it for a project at school.
    thank you !!