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Google offers hackers $1m to crack Chrome

Pwnium: rewards for exploits

Google is giving away cool amount of cash to those l33ts how are able to write a  full Chrome exploit. 60 K will given to the haX0rs who finds out the coolest exploit. Lame exploits will be awarded with lame awards

A total prize fund of $1m is available, if enough flaws are discovered, and winners will also be given a Chromebook.

“By studying the vulnerability and exploit techniques we can enhance our mitigations, automated testing, and sandboxing. This enables us to better protect our users,” wrote Chris Evans and Justin Schuh, of Google’s Chrome security team on the company’s Chrome blog.

So l33ts Can u crack the Chrome ? If u do please don’t forget to donate some to zer0byte.com cuz hostin aint cheap :p

All the best haX0rs….

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  1. a dude disguised as another dude who is disguised as another dude says:

    Interesting but since people are donating why dont they donate some cash to me as im stuck in syria xD LOL