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Friends & innocent people, According to the host “Dada” (grandfather) of a famous Pakistani radio talk show “Dada Pota show”  (Grandfather & Grandson show) that there some vegetables exported from India which are grown with the help of very toxic chemicals when eating can make you loose your Fertility. WOW !!! thats some crazy chemical i must say..

Dear Crazy grandpa for the love of god can you please tell us that  from where the hell you got  this news source in the first place ? Did your old school friend sent you a forward message ? To be honest I never follow your shows but today consequently heard you saying these kind of stuff. I was literately shocked that you actually said this on a national  radio without even realising that millions of your innocent fans are listening to your words sincerely and without giving any proper source.

I have Few questions which i think its about time that someone steps up and asks

  1. Are you really nuts ? or you just pretending to be one ?
  2. What proof do you have about these Vegies ?

If you cant provide any kind of proof on your same radio station or show then it will be clear that your news and so called economic reviews are all false and baseless, and at least if you have any self respect then appologise to the nation about your baseless stuff.

Please don’t play with the innocence of your own nation. (ill put it back… Soon .. I am very much sure).


Bilal Bokhari


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