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by:- Wajih Bokhari

Curiosity killed the Cat alright, but did Curiosity kill any Hacker? Human history is absolutely silent over it. All lexicons, Pedias and assorted Medias have not given this new rare species of Human being its due importance that has come up so rapidly in the recent past. The generally accepted meaning of a Hacker is, “a talented amateur user of computers, who attempts to gain unauthorized access to files in various systems”. But why would they have get together in Hacker Space beats me, is it because that they transform into Werewolves or Zombies at night especially on Full Moon. As there is no legal sustainable evidence available to support my earlier assertion, hence, the only course left is to accept them at their face value and inform others not to harbor any ill will against them for after all they are just curious Human Beings.


So what is Hackerspace ?

hackerspace or hackspace (also referred to as a hacklabmakerspace or creative space) is a location where people with common interests, often incomputers, technology, science, digital or electronic art (but also in many other realms) can meet, socialise and/or collaborate. Hackerspaces can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.

Just to promote this crazy idea there is very well managed website by the name of  hackerspaces.org. On this website, everything related to hackerspaces can be found. Its more like a community centre for l33t Hax0rs who already own a hackerspace or are looking for one near by network 😉

There is also a complete list of spaces along with the location on google maps, Contact and website. (http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_ALL_Hacker_Spaces)

Go ahead find a hackerspace near you.


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