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Zer0byte.com’s 1st HackaTron

Hello Leets,

I am Very Much Glad to announce Zer0byte’s First “Hackatron” for you to try out your l337 hax0r skillz. This Hacktron would not be possible without our fellow Friend and a Loyal zer0byte Fan “Jimmy Vill” who has hosted a dedicated server  for this event. I would personally like to thank you for your great support and effort for this Hackatron.

Without wasting more time, please checkout the Hackatron Details.

Hackatron Details

  • On Saturday 9:00 AM Peru (GMT-05:00) (World Clock) morning the FTP server will publish through this     address-> nullprovider.no-ip.org,
  • This is a server running FTP Service.
  • The username to access to the FTP Server will be “Share” (without double quotes).
  • The “Share” account have 2 permissions – Upload and Download, no erase or modify, so you can’t erase phrases of other people.
  • The server will be available for 24 hours, starting Saturday’s morning until Sunday.
  • Winners will be announced here on zer0byte.com , Twitter & Facebook fanpage. 

Finally the idea is that l337s should enjoy cracking the server and should learn something from it.

Spoiler For N00bz

  • The password probably exists in a dictionary, can be (Wordlist.txt-Cain & Abel or hydra ) If you have a BT5 and Windows on a same machine export the wordlist from Cain will be easy.
  • If  you have been following zer0byte.com for a long then you would be familiar with some network password crackers 1)http://zer0byte.com/?s=hydra 2) http://zer0byte.com/?s=cain
  • keep looking for tips on facebook fanpage.

Enjoy Cracking  😉 !!! 

U83r l337


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