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Capture IP addresses Using Getthierip.com

How to get someones IP Address using Getthierip.com smile


Go to Getthierip.com —-> Make a forward to http://zer0Byte.com/ —-> Get your http://<Long-Url>—-> Get a domain on uni.me, example: zer0byte.uni.me–> Make a forward of your Long-Url though zer0byte.uni.me.


If you click on zer0byte.uni.me or http://bit.ly/Us2ZNQ ,Getthierip.com will send me a mail with your public IP.

Enjoy XD…

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  1. Hein Thet Aung says:

    You cheat,but I like it 😀

  2. DFkTR says:

    quite a bit of work for a task that could be easily achieved with a few lines of code and no use of a third party service that is most likely tracking your information while you think youre tracking someome elses.

    youre basically just helping an unknown party build up their d0x database with your information and the information of the party you are trying to collect from using something like this.