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Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million +

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million +

By: Lilly Greene

Let’s further congratulate Chris Stangl ( google him ;p ) , the infamous FBI agent whose laptop got compromised by hacker group Anonymous  & more than 1 million Apple UDIDs have been exposed to the public. But out of all of the UDIDs, there is one that’s worth the most value. Ever wonder what the president of a super power country has on his ipad? Well thanks to AntiSec, “Hobamain” maybe none other than President Obama’s device. President Obama is known for being an Apple lover. Consistently at times shown with his MacBook and ipad & let’s not forget Steve Jobs (R.I.P) gifted Prez. O, the ipad before it hit the market.

PasteHTML is claiming that Obama’s UDID is 473d6e1ebf0b100ed172ce5f69c97ba6c8f12ad5.  For obvious reasons as to why it can be Obama, lets deeply look at the name “Hobamain”. If we break this down, “H” is for Hussain, the president’s middle name.  Obama is combined with “main” to create obamain, as in his main device.  White house has not yet confirmed this news. And whether they do or not, I still wonder why/how Mr. Stangl was using my information without my consent. Some hints are leading towards National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), a nonprofit that allows large companies and government agencies to share cybersecurity information, and collaborates closely with the local FBI office.

Stay tuned for more updates coming up

Image source : loads of googling and this link came http://images.politico.com/global/news/110819_obama_ipad_wh_flickr_328.jpg .

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