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Reality Hurts,SMS Phishing on the Rise

Coverage by:-  “Lilly Greene

This crispy fall season comes baring an increase of 913% in SMS phishing raids aka Smishing. Smishing is now considered the largest SMS threat. As per the report provided by Cloudmark, unaware folks are scammed when they call a # which they receive via SMS.

“Fwd: Good Afternoon. Attention Required Call. (+++) +++-++++.”

Upon making this call, victims are fooled into revealing their sensitive information.  This result in identity theft, bank fraud, and worse wrong full use such information. A coercion of 500 + text messages was used in this campaign.  Though reality hurts we still have no choice but to accept it.  Please remember, NOONE in this current world is willing to transfer a large sum of money left some rich prince died in your account, NOONE. So upon receiving such incognito phishing sms, forward the text to the concerned authority  or your mobile carrier company.    

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