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Lock Picking by just Using a Paper Clip

euro cylindrical lock using just paper clip

Lee7s , yesterday I made a video, where I am picking common euro cylindrical lock using just a
paper clip…

pic here

it is pretty much scary how easy it is…

you need some piece of metal of flat screwdriver to make some presure on lock while picking, you just put it in the hole a and very gently pushing to side in which you want to turn the lock

then to you insert the customized paper clip as far as you can, then press it down where pins are located, while pushing gently pins down you need to shove forth and back for a while, then lock turns little bit about 10° you are almost there, now you need to press last pin hidden in back of lock and then you are succesfully unlocked the lock…

also in video is how to push out key which is in lock from the other side which i find pretty usefull it happened me quite few times at home.

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