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Florida state admits pwnage over voting systems



florida voting sytem hacked

Miami, Florida, the state of retired personal & the state that caused G.W.Bush (Jr!) to become the president 2x, released a statement admitting to fraudulent voting in last year’s elections caused by a cyber-attack.  Grand jury in Miami-Dade County discovered that an automated program was used to change the state’s absentee voter registration platform.  This attack rapidly used 2,500 absentee ballots.  Admins caught the attack when the registration system reported an irregularity in the traffic patterns.  After thorough investigation, IP addresses linking to India, UK and Ireland were discovered.  If the attackers were successful, the outcome of the local elections could’ve been easily shifted.  Florida, it’s time to spend some senior residents’ retirement pensions to advance your security protections for voters’ registrations! 😉


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