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Fishy Spyware Gamma Drama

FinFisher spyware goes global mobile and undercover
FinFisher aka FinSpy have now made getting rid of human rights activists and journalists easier for a country who despises such groups.  Gamma International, creators of FinSpy marketed this software as “lawful” in order to capture criminals.  But countries such as Australia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh (and these are to name a few) inhabit illegal servers.  Out of a total of 36 countries only 25 countries were detected.  Remaining 11 countries were able to avoid detection.

In several countries there’s a heavy APAC bias. With said software, for example in Vietnam, a mobile version on FinSpy features GPS tracking and the capability to snoop conversations, also pilfering text messages. In Indonesia, three ISPs are under investigations for spying on their customers.  Kenny Lee , one of the principals of Verizon APAC’s investigative response unit gives the following advice,

“just because a piece of software is found within a particular country, doesn’t necessarily mean it originates from that country.  As we have seen time and time again, anyone anywhere could have set up the server. I’d recommend  IT admins monitor event logs for suspicious activity, eliminate any unnecessary data from the organization, and ensure fundamental and common sense security countermeasures are in place and functioning correctly.”

Gamma International to this day, still denies any link to such servers and spywares.

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