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SEI:- Social Engineering Infiltration

SEI Social Engineering Infiltration

Social Engineering Infiltration – codename Stockholm. SEI is a free open-source social engineering toolkit which is loaded with options that allow pentesters to easily execute spear phishing attacks using premade templates. This latest version now has multiple payload options for different platforms with automatic platform detection. It also allows for the use of user created templates. It can send a single email or it can send multiple emails by calling on a list of email addresses you can create or it can import a mail list.  SEI also has the capacity to attach a payload, link to a web address that can also contain an exploit and can clone a website as well. It can run a web server, import plugins, etc. SecRecon head developer Claes Spett has plans to extend the tool in the future by continued development.

SEI V1.03 Copyright (C) 2013, Claes Spett

sei: show_options

hlink = [] link to include into template

template = [] template to use in the email

fromaddr = [] from address

msgsubject = [] email subject

toaddr2 = [] target email

linux payload = [] payload to target linux users with

windows payload = [] payload to target windows users with

ios payload = [] payload to target ios users with

site_to_clone = [] site to clone




SecRecon blog: http://sec-recon.blogspot.se/2013/04/sei-v103-release.html

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