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AttackVector Linux: the dragon has tails Released

AttackVector Linux Released

A new Pen-testing Linux distro has arrived which is designed to give its users the anonymity they always wanted.

 “AttackVector Linux is a new distribution for anonymized penetration and security. It is based on Kali and TAILS, which are both based on Debian.

in order to understand why this distro can be important to us, you must read this article i wrote before.Link


Desktop Screenshot

Design Philosophy

Yin and Yang 

While Kali requires a modified kernel for network drivers to use injection and so forth, TAILS is designed from the bottom up for encryption, and anonymity. Nmap can’t UDP via Tor. The intention of AttackVector Linux is to provide the capability to anonymize attacks while warning the user when he or she takes actions that may compromize anonymity.

The two projects have different design philosophies that can directly conflict with one another. In spite of this, the goal of AttackVector Linux is to integrate them complementarily into one OS.

  • The anonymity of TAILS
  • The privacy of SRWare Iron
  • The password recovery of hashkill
  • The cryptography of DaKaRand
  • The penetration tools of Kali <<<<<<< HEAD =======
  • Additional tools for pen-testing, password cracking, and more c65297a2abfc9f96dbdd299737ddf1330d756cbe

Build Instructions

[ linux / build / kali_coms.txt ]

  1. Install prerequisites in Kali:~~~~~~ apt-get install git live-build cdebootstrap kali-archive-keyring cd /tmp git clone git://git.kali.org/live-build-config.git apt-get remove libdebian-installer4 apt-get install libdebian-installer4 ~~~~~~
  2. Copy down git repo [ linux / kali / config ]~~~~~~ git clone git://github.com/ksoona/attackvector.git cp attackvector/distro/kali/config /tmp/live-build-config/config cd /tmp/live-build-config ~~~~~~
  3. Live build:~~~~~~ lb clean –purge dpkg –add-architecture amd64 lb config –architecture amd64 –mirror-binary http://http.kali.org/kali –mirror-binary-security http://security.kali.org/kali-security –apt-options “–force-yes –yes” lb build ~~~~~~

(Notice the similarity to Kali Live-Build.)

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