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KIM Dotcom Daddy of Two Factor Authentication

Kim dot com patent of two factor

Really! Didn’t think Kim Dotcom could (cue music) cry me river. Only a few hours after twitter joined the group of TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION users, the founder of Megaupload is proclaiming to have been the genius behind the entire mechanism & he’s got a patent to back that up.

View his paten here on Goolge.

Facebook, Google, Citibank, and now Twitter plus countless other sites have the Two Factor Authentication feature which will protect a user’s account from hackers.  When a user attempts to log in to a service from an unrecognized computer, the service sends a one-time password to an alternative device (like, say, a cell phone) known to belong to that user. At least theoretically, hacking a user’s account would thus require access to that device in addition to their password.

Kim Dotcom (Schmitz) is claiming IP infringement for not receiving any money from the US companies for using his creation.  But instead of suing, he is asking for monetary help with his legal issues in the form of $50 Million dollars. In exchange Google, Facebook & Twitter are welcome to use and share his knowledge as they please.

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