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Sqli Dorking with a Huge list of Google Dorks

SQLi Dorking a nice project made in perl

This a very nice easy to use Sqli dorking script made in Perl. This can be used to easily extract the results from google or bing in to a text file.

I recommend edit the file erasing the word “site:” (Line 147) to get compatibility with the file of Dorks provided by Zer0 Byte (http://zer0byte.com/zeropastebin/?8a67aa4cadbf88a7#we2TTzy/Oto1K8ukCDXAxTfI/jIKs4H2ujjzExCwLng=)

here is the edited Version of this script with syntax exmaple to get you guys started easily.


Enjoy it!! 🙂

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