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Raspberry Pi + Onion = Onion Pi

Rasberry Pi plus TOR equal onion pi

Geek Girl (a rare thing ) from MIT (well that explains)  Limor “Ladyada” Fried has created a superb desert with the perfect Ingredients. She has added TOR (The Onion Router ) on Raspberry Pi.

According to her

“Using it is easy-as-pie. First, plug the Ethernet cable into any Internet provider in your home, work, hotel or conference/event. Next, power up the Pi with the micro USB cable to your laptop or to the wall adapter. The Pi will boot up and create a new secure wireless access point called Onion Pi. Connecting to that access point will automatically route any web browsing from your computer through the anonymizing Tor network.”



Complete details of this project can be found on this link below



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