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SWORD OPENWRT pentesting GUI MR 3040 minipwner


SWORD pentesting GUI for openwrt and minipwner

S.W.O.R.D is a web based UI for openwrt based dropboxes inspired by the minipwner (http://minipwner.com/) project. This UI is based on Reaver, MDK3 Ettercap, NMAP TCP dump , URL SNARF and etc…

I started this project on TP-Links Mr 3040 3G router but it will work on pretty much on any thing which has linux, http server and cgi on it.


Few Screen shots


sword pentesting GUI for openwrt

sword pentesting GUI for openwrt minipwnersword pentesting GUI for openwrt minipwner network based attacks


This project can be downloaded from the link below

Download Link



  1. just extract these files /www directory of your router
  2. Makre sure you have bash installed on your router otherwise the scripts wont work (opkg install bash –force-depends)‏
  3. give 655 to the /cgi-bin directory (chmod -R 655 /www/cgi-bin/*
  4. when done simply navigate to it by typing “yourrouterip/SWORD” in your web browser (

Pre- Reqs

Make sure you have ettercap-ng , reaver tcpdump, url snarf, nmap , mk3 installed on your router. Sorry for not adding an automatic script for downloading missing stuff.

Notes / Request 

This project is still under development and I will be adding more stuff to it later on. My request to you is that this platform is very easy to understand and to add  more development on it, so please feel free to make more modules for this project. Most of the hard work is done in this beta release, so it wont be difficult to understand. If you want to give suggestions you can email me at


Would love to hear about it.



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