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Kali linux Offensive security Net hunter

Leets at offensive security have yet again showed the world that they are undoubtedly the leader / trend setter in info sec community. They are the Bugatti Veyron of our industry :D. The have released “Net Hunter” a penetration Testing Linux distro designed around the mobile devices running on Android. NetHunter supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, 1 Click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks – and is built upon the Kali Linux distribution and toolsets. Whether you have a Nexus 5, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10, they have  got you covered.

HID Keyboard attack video below is just a glimpse of how powerful this distro is.


This distro can be downloaded from the following link below.

Download Link

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