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SWORD V 1.0 Released


Wait is over everyone! I am finally releasing  S.W.O.R.D v 1.0.    🙂

ScreenShot: WEP Cracking in action.

I can assure you that your WIFI Pineapple can’t do this from its GUI : D I know its not 2010 but I am just saying.

WEP Cracking with SWORD

List of all the working modules.
  1. Reverse shell (New)
  2. Reaver
  3. WEP cracker (New)
  4. MDK3
  5. Nmap (New addon)
  6. Nbtscan
  7. Password Sniffer
  8. Network Sniffer
  9. Wifi Nuke

Screenshot: MDK3 in action.

MDK3 custom SSID-SWORD-Network Penetration Testing Software


This project can be downloaded from the link below

Download Link



  1. just extract these files /www directory of your router
  2. Makre sure you have bash installed on your router otherwise the scripts wont work (opkg install bash –force-depends)‏
  3. give 655 to the /cgi-bin directory (chmod -R 655 /www/cgi-bin/*
  4. when done simply navigate to it by typing “yourrouterip/SWORD” in your web browser (

Pre- Reqs

Make sure you have ettercap-ng, reaver, tcpdump, url snarf, nmap , mk3 installed on your router.

Notes / Request 

  1. If you want to give suggestions you can email me at.“thezerobytemail@gmail.com”
  2. Add Basic  authentication to /www folder so that you don’t get pwned yourself.  

Would love to hear about it.




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