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MSIE 10 aka Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 has upgraded its security measures and beat out popular browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, & Opera. Post running several tests on the latest versions of the five top browsers, against 754 malware-infected URLs over a month; IE10 running windows hands down achieve a whopping 99.9% ahead  [ Read More ]

Aircrack-ng Updated After 3 Years

Finally after 3 long Years, Our favorite weapon of choice got an update. A lot of fixes and improvements on all tools and documentation have been made.In addation few new tools and scripts including distributed cracking tool are also included.The Complete change log can be viewed below. Complete Aircrack-ng Changelog Version 1.2 beta 1 Version 1.2-beta1  [ Read More ]

Hello all zer0byte Lee7s ! I’m Robert Kugler a 17 years old German student who’s interested in securing computer systems. I would like to warn you that PayPal.com is vulnerable to a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability! PayPal Inc. is running a bug bounty program for professional security researchers. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/reporting-security-issues XSS vulnerabilities are in scope. So I  [ Read More ]

Sqli Dorking with a Huge list of Google Dorks

This a very nice easy to use Sqli dorking script made in Perl. This can be used to easily extract the results from google or bing in to a text file. I recommend edit the file erasing the word “site:” (Line 147) to get compatibility with the file of Dorks provided by Zer0 Byte (http://zer0byte.com/zeropastebin/?8a67aa4cadbf88a7#we2TTzy/Oto1K8ukCDXAxTfI/jIKs4H2ujjzExCwLng=)  [ Read More ]

AttackVector Linux: the dragon has tails Released

A new Pen-testing Linux distro has arrived which is designed to give its users the anonymity they always wanted.  “AttackVector Linux is a new distribution for anonymized penetration and security. It is based on Kali and TAILS, which are both based on Debian.“ in order to understand why this distro can be important to us, you must read this article i wrote  [ Read More ]

KIM Dotcom Daddy of Two Factor Authentication

Really! Didn’t think Kim Dotcom could (cue music) cry me river. Only a few hours after twitter joined the group of TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION users, the founder of Megaupload is proclaiming to have been the genius behind the entire mechanism & he’s got a patent to back that up. View his paten here on Goolge. Facebook, Google,  [ Read More ]

Ethernet Turns 40

Just 40 years back , Geek named “Bob Metacalfe” showed world the key to futre network communications. He is the inventor of  our moderen day ethernet. Even though ethernet looks more like a larger model of  RJ 11, But it is so much more. It is the foundation for global Internet access and undoubtedly the  [ Read More ]

Pwning WIFI Access Points with XSS using SSID

Lee7s at CDW  found a very creative way to  pwn wifi access points that have the “site survey” option. In their white paper they conducted their test on few APs that included WIFI Pineapple aswell. Just Imagine pwning wifi pineapple haX0r with this exploit ;p BTW this exploit was even presented in this years Black hat  [ Read More ]

Fishy Spyware Gamma Drama

FinFisher aka FinSpy have now made getting rid of human rights activists and journalists easier for a country who despises such groups.  Gamma International, creators of FinSpy marketed this software as “lawful” in order to capture criminals.  But countries such as Australia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh (and these are to name a  [ Read More ]

# #Do You Know The Value of H@ck3d PC…???

This Project is to understand simply & visually, what (else) can a Attackers do with compromised PC… You may think, “I don’t bank online, I don’t store sensitive information on my machine! I only use it to check email. What could Attackers possibly want with this hunk of junk?,” Seems Legit huh??? All Attackers are  [ Read More ]