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Dear L33ts checkout this amazing new article from our l33t author “Thom Hastings” . If you have an Android Tablet and always wanted to install backtrack on it then this post is definitely for you. Enjoy. Have you ever wanted to try BackTrack on your ARM Android device? By following these easy steps, you can  [ Read More ]

XSS In Microsoft AdCenter Service Website

  Pentesters @ : www.vulnerability-lab.com managed to Find XSS on Microsoft Website Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter), is the division of the Microsoft Network (MSN) responsible for MSN s advertising services. Microsoft adCenter provides pay per click advertisements. This is a service aimed at people who want to advertise a product. Microsoft also has a (still  [ Read More ]

Xenotix KeylogX Keylogger For Firefox

Check out this neet tool from www.xenotix.co.cc This is a firefox addon which keylogs every thing. Logs can Be retrieved By pressing “alt + x” . A very simple and effective addon. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 (typing In FF) Screenshot 3 (press “alt + x ” and a password prompt will be displayed) Note:- Password is  [ Read More ]

Installing TOR (the onion routing) proxy on Back|track:

Dear l33ts, Check out this great post from our l33t author “Aniket Napster”. # TOR on Back|Track: # With Polipo & Vidalia I. Preface. I put this together due to it being difficult to install TOR properly on Back|Track. While there are other methods used, I personally found this more grounded than others for my  [ Read More ]

Wiki leaks Spy Files

At first it dint make any sense to me because i straight away went to the interactive map but later when moved back to the main wikileak’s webpage and read the description then i knew why this map was developed Weaponizing Data Kills Innocent People (scource wikileaks) There are commercial firms that now sell special  [ Read More ]

KBeast (Kernel Beast) Linux Rootkit 2012

KBeast (Kernel Beast) 2012 is a Linux rootkit that hides the loadable kernel module, hides files and directories, hides processes, hides sockets and connections, performs keystroke logging, has anti-kill functionality and more. Developed By:- IPSECS Download KBeast (Kernel Beast) Linux Rootkit 2012 now

How US Drone Got Pwned

Dear L33ts According to many news sources,  It is claimed that the US Drone got hacked by Its Weakest point that was the GPS Installed on it. L33ts were able to give new co0rdinates  to the Drone without the need of hacking the actual control system N33t i must Speak :p Read Full Story —->  [ Read More ]

The Suricata Engine: IDPE

The Suricata Engine is an Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine. This engine is not intended to just replace or emulate the existing tools in the industry, but will bring new ideas and technologies to the field. OISF is part of and funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate for Science and  [ Read More ]

Tools Required to Live in an #Anonymous World

tools required to live in an anonymous world

Disclaimer:- The author does not represent nor has any link with any group that has destructive intentions. The author accepts no liability for the content, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. This content should be only used for educational purposes. In this article i will try to  [ Read More ]

‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space

A Crazy USB Revolution has started and i guarantee you that It is complete insane.  The guy from berlin who started this crazness calls it the “Dead Drop” So what is Dead Drop? ‘Dead Drops’ is An anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.(WTF ?) Simplified Human readable English. (According to the dude  [ Read More ]