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Reality Hurts,SMS Phishing on the Rise

Coverage by:-  “Lilly Greene” This crispy fall season comes baring an increase of 913% in SMS phishing raids aka Smishing. Smishing is now considered the largest SMS threat. As per the report provided by Cloudmark, unaware folks are scammed when they call a # which they receive via SMS. “Fwd: Good Afternoon. Attention Required Call.  [ Read More ]


  A new innovative & soon to be cash use forcing technique in cyber security will be the guest of honor at the 2012 Argentina’s Ekoparty Security Conference this month.  CRIME created by J. Rizzo & T. Duong, attacks the security shortcomings in TLS, intercepts the HTTPS connections and captures sensitive information entered when shopping  [ Read More ]

Capture IP addresses Using Getthierip.com

How to get someones IP Address using Getthierip.com  Example: Go to Getthierip.com —-> Make a forward to http://zer0Byte.com/ —-> Get your http://<Long-Url>—-> Get a domain on uni.me, example: zer0byte.uni.me–> Make a forward of your Long-Url though zer0byte.uni.me. Note:- If you click on zer0byte.uni.me or http://bit.ly/Us2ZNQ ,Getthierip.com will send me a mail with your public IP. Enjoy XD…

APPLE GETS PUNKED! 1 Million IDs Dumped

Apple gets PUNKED! Coverage by “Lilly Greene” 1 million + DNA codes of popular Apple devices (iphones & ipads) have been released. This applaud-able task was accomplished by the Anonymous #Antisec arm of the hackers collectives. Though the FBI, Apple & its consumers may see this as a sign of the apocalypse, it was a mere help  [ Read More ]

Network Analysis Using Wireshark and Xplico

This tutorial will capture traffic on a local network with Wireshark and then forensics will be carried out with Xplico by using its intuitive web interface. These two tools are already included in Backtrack 5 Xplico Xplico is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT), which is a software that reconstructs the contents of acquisitions performed  [ Read More ]

Leets there have been New Exciting Updates for your favourite pwning tool metasploit. This weekly update brings ten new modules, which include exploits for PHP and Java, S40, various PHP applications, Apache Struts, Citrix, and the GIMP. This update also adds the pcAnywhere data protocol module to the regular menu of Bruteforce-able protocols, and resolves  [ Read More ]

Zer0byte.com’s 1st HackaTron

Hello Leets, I am Very Much Glad to announce Zer0byte’s First “Hackatron” for you to try out your l337 hax0r skillz. This Hacktron would not be possible without our fellow Friend and a Loyal zer0byte Fan “Jimmy Vill” who has hosted a dedicated server  for this event. I would personally like to thank you for your  [ Read More ]

HAHHAHAHAHAH … Dear leets This is one of the most hilarious things of the year … The so called leader of “lulz sec” and Notorious “Anonymous”  named “SABU” was actually a snitch. According to Fox News reports “the shadowy hack deity is not only confirmed to be 28-year-old New Yorker Hector Xavier Monsegur, but that Sabu has  [ Read More ]

Dear L33ts checkout this amazing new article from our l33t author “Thom Hastings” . If you have an Android Tablet and always wanted to install backtrack on it then this post is definitely for you. Enjoy. Have you ever wanted to try BackTrack on your ARM Android device? By following these easy steps, you can  [ Read More ]

XSS In Microsoft AdCenter Service Website

  Pentesters @ : www.vulnerability-lab.com managed to Find XSS on Microsoft Website Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter), is the division of the Microsoft Network (MSN) responsible for MSN s advertising services. Microsoft adCenter provides pay per click advertisements. This is a service aimed at people who want to advertise a product. Microsoft also has a (still  [ Read More ]