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A simple neat trick to find out someones GEO location by using its MAC address. Backtrack > Exploitation Tools > Wireless Exploitation Tools >WLAN Exploitation >fern-wifi-cracker Now open ToolBox . Now open the geolocatory Tracker. Select the Option Insert Mac Address and insert the Mac Address in the box . Now , after inserting Mac  [ Read More ]

Set your Alfa card AWUS036H to the max 1000 mW

Set your Alfa AWUS036H to 1000 mW

Please Note: This article has been take from  ” http://blog.l-lacker.com/security-set-your-alfa-awus036h-to-1000-mw/#more-331” with the consent from the author.   Dear FellOw Leets, Check out this great article taken from l-lacker.com.  Its a Must Visit website cuz the content is really cool and the author is amazing. :p Anyway, ever wonder why the alfa card  becomes disappointing when it  [ Read More ]

Reaver WPS & Cleven Aircrack GUI

Dear Lee75, I am a hardcore Wireless network nerd and i am so much happy with this release of this new Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) Cracking tool Reaver developed by his Excellency @sviehb( please doo follow him on twitter )  that I simply cant Explain my feeling :p ( thats what nerds normally cant do  [ Read More ]

ExploitMe:- Android & Iphone Hacking Labs

Geeks @ Security Compass have created hacking labs just to improve your skills against Mobile based Attacks of Android and Iphone applications ExploitMe Mobile will be an open source project (using the BSD License) that any of you can help contribute to. Security Compass being appsec professionals, their labs are focused on understanding both the insecure aspect  [ Read More ]

Mobile Based Wireless Network MiTM Attack Illustration

mobile based wireless network MiTM attack illustration by bilal bokhari

L337 HaX0rZ Check out my Illustration of Mobile based Wireless MITM Attack. Please do comment. Thanks.

Network 0wnage from a Hax0r phone

netwokr ownage from hacker phone n900 hacking phone pwning phone

Its a every haX0rz dream to pwn a network in a way that nobody could ever imagine how the hell that attack happened in the first place.  Everyday passionate hackers around the world work hard to come up with insane new techniques to leverage networks in a new and creative ways. These days network ownage  [ Read More ]