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Anti-Google SWAG Line ‘Scroogled’ by Microsoft

Microsoft these days has gone Full Anti on Google With its Swag Line of “Scroogle”. Earlier this year, Microsoft “Don’t Get Scroogled” site to highlight how the search engine sells its shopping results, while Microsoft’s Bing search engine embraces a more “honest search.” (HAHA :D) This is Hilarious because we know they both steal our data any  [ Read More ]

Ars Technica reports that when the U.S.S. Zumwalt (DDG 1000) puts to sea later this year, it will be different from any other ship in the Navy’s fleet in many ways. The $3.5 billion ship is designed for stealth, survivability, and firepower, and it’s packed with advanced technology. And at the heart of its operations  [ Read More ]

Google has surprised us all yet again, the firm had previously indicated that version 4.4 of the OS would be Key Lime Pie but instead they have chosed to change the “K” release of Android to Kit Kat because, “we realized that very few people actually know the taste of a Key lime pie,” said John  [ Read More ]

Mozilla’s CEO, New Head of AVG

AVG, the well-known global free security suites has decided to have Mozilla’s former chief executive, Gary Kovacs, be its new commander. After several months of departing from Mozilla as the CEO, Kovacs came to AVG. J.R. Smith, AVG’s previous CEO shifted to a more advisory position with the company this past March. This was decided  [ Read More ]

Saudi Arabia Banning Skype In Few Weeks

According to Reuters, Government of Saudi Arabia is in full mood to Ban one of the TWO most popular free Voice and Text apps, Skype and whatsapp. After Viber getting the axe, the kingdom is keen to control the communications of the expacts with the outside world. Says the article: “Conventional international calls and texts  [ Read More ]

Hello all zer0byte Lee7s ! I’m Robert Kugler a 17 years old German student who’s interested in securing computer systems. I would like to warn you that PayPal.com is vulnerable to a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability! PayPal Inc. is running a bug bounty program for professional security researchers. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/reporting-security-issues XSS vulnerabilities are in scope. So I  [ Read More ]

KIM Dotcom Daddy of Two Factor Authentication

Really! Didn’t think Kim Dotcom could (cue music) cry me river. Only a few hours after twitter joined the group of TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION users, the founder of Megaupload is proclaiming to have been the genius behind the entire mechanism & he’s got a patent to back that up. View his paten here on Goolge. Facebook, Google,  [ Read More ]

Ethernet Turns 40

Just 40 years back , Geek named “Bob Metacalfe” showed world the key to futre network communications. He is the inventor of  our moderen day ethernet. Even though ethernet looks more like a larger model of  RJ 11, But it is so much more. It is the foundation for global Internet access and undoubtedly the  [ Read More ]

Florida state admits pwnage over voting systems

    Miami, Florida, the state of retired personal & the state that caused G.W.Bush (Jr!) to become the president 2x, released a statement admitting to fraudulent voting in last year’s elections caused by a cyber-attack.  Grand jury in Miami-Dade County discovered that an automated program was used to change the state’s absentee voter registration  [ Read More ]

Lock Picking by just Using a Paper Clip

Lee7s , yesterday I made a video, where I am picking common euro cylindrical lock using just a paper clip… pic here it is pretty much scary how easy it is… you need some piece of metal of flat screwdriver to make some presure on lock while picking, you just put it in the hole  [ Read More ]