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Installing TOR (the onion routing) proxy on Back|track:

Dear l33ts, Check out this great post from our l33t author “Aniket Napster”. # TOR on Back|Track: # With Polipo & Vidalia I. Preface. I put this together due to it being difficult to install TOR properly on Back|Track. While there are other methods used, I personally found this more grounded than others for my  [ Read More ]

SHODAN: Expose Online Devices

Bing is for noobs, Google is for people who know at least lil bit of computers :p but shodan my g33k fellows is made solely for us. This is basically a search engine that actually look for things that are open to us by noob admins. So what is SHODAN ? SHODAN is a search  [ Read More ]

Smashthestack.org: L33t Wargaming Network

Before i start praising this l33t h@X0r website, I would personally like you to read the famous quote taken from non other than the movie Matrix. Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and  [ Read More ]

Hackthissite.org: Realistic Mission 1 – 16 Walk-Throughs

Ready for some more hax0r action ? I have compiled a list of  complete walk-throughs for HTS realistic Missions. Simply enjoy them. Note:- I still recommend that you at first try to solve  the missions  at hacthisite.org yourself instead of using these walk throughs.  I know being a hacker makes you solve things more efficiently  and  [ Read More ]

Hackthissite.org: Basic Mission 1 – 10 Walk-Throughs

Hackthissite.org: Basic Mission 1 - 10 Walk-Throughs

Hackthissite.org is the place where i grew up. This wonderful website gave me encouragement  in a really geek way that i could hack something.  The thing that really inspired me more about this great project was their philosophy. Hack This Site Philosophy We believe everyone should have free access to all information. Hacking should not  [ Read More ]

Mobile Based Wireless Network MiTM Attack Illustration

mobile based wireless network MiTM attack illustration by bilal bokhari

L337 HaX0rZ Check out my Illustration of Mobile based Wireless MITM Attack. Please do comment. Thanks.

Network 0wnage from a Hax0r phone

netwokr ownage from hacker phone n900 hacking phone pwning phone

Its a every haX0rz dream to pwn a network in a way that nobody could ever imagine how the hell that attack happened in the first place.  Everyday passionate hackers around the world work hard to come up with insane new techniques to leverage networks in a new and creative ways. These days network ownage  [ Read More ]

Linux/unix & Windows Post-explotation Commands

Ok geeks, @mubix from Room362.com compiled a list of linux and windows commands on google docs that can be useful after eheem eheem 😛 tunneling into someone’s computer. These commands listed are normal commands but most of the time they are not mentioned or posted by penetration testers. Really a good Compilation. Linux Post-Explotation Commands https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ObQB6hmVvRPCgPTRZM5NMH034VDM-1N-EWPRz2770K4/edit?hl=en_US  [ Read More ]

Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Geeks if you ever wanted to use a single mouse and a keyboard over multiple computers then worry no more because “Synergy” is here to fix this problem. Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk. Just move your mouse off the edge of your screen. The Coolest thing  [ Read More ]

Zer0byte’s Open Source Wifi Scanner

zer0 Byte Open Source wifi scanner

If you watched the Security Tube’s vide0 Creating Wireless Backdoors (Swse Addendum 2)  and also looking for answer to the Lab exercise where vivek wants to see if you can come up with wifi scanner ? then your search is over :p. Coincidently  I was also working on a Wifi scanner Just before the video release, whose original source code  [ Read More ]