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Create your own custom Linux distro with SUSE Studio

Create your own custom Linux distro with SUSE Studio

Real Computer Freaks always have a dream of  making their own operating system. Most of them fail because they are busy doing their job, surfing Internet , trolling on cool blogs like zer0byte.com, drink beer or taking out the trash. If you do something else and still managed not make an operating system , now  [ Read More ]

Hand Picked Google Dorks

Google Dorks Hand Picked

Dear Lov3ed one$,I just lov3 Google. Its the coolest thing ever invented by a human. Google is so cool that even the dorks it makes are pieces of Gold for sec g33ks like us :p. Almost all the security guys out there know little or more about the GOOGLE DORKS.  For some of us who  [ Read More ]

Learn how to Beat h@x0rs in their Own Game

Ever wondered how the h@x0rs these days take down a webite ?  w3ll if you did :p then i have exactly the rite web app for you from the best developers in the world at Google University. The Web App is “Gruyere” (the cheesiest application on the web). Screen Shot of Gruyere from their Website Gruyere  [ Read More ]

Windows Passwords Gone In 3 Seconds !!!

Hello Fellow g33ks, I have created a batch script file using Password Extracting tools created by Nirsoft. Password Extracting  tools by nirsoft support extra “Command Line Options” which helps in extracting contents which are normally password to text, html xml etc formats. This bat file automates the process of extracting passwords so that you don’t waste  [ Read More ]

5 Simple steps to secure your Android from Trend Micro

Trend micro labs have created a very beautifully designed online PDF in which they have given 5 effective ways to to protect an android based smart phone from malware attacks. Click Here to View E-book


National Security Agency (NSA) have developed operating system hardening guides for configurations. These guides are used as a security baseline. These configuration documents are beautifully designed and are very easy to follow.  They provided hardening guides for the following OS’s Apple Macintosh OS X , Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 , Windows 7 Windows Server  [ Read More ]

The creator of Armitage Raphael Mudge has released Video trainings on ethicalhacker.net for his fans. Now its your chance to learn the worlds famous tool used by penetration testers themselves. There are 6 six videos from the developer and cover the following Topics Introduction Metasploit Access Post-Exploitation Maneuver Team Tactics 1. Introduction This lecture introduces penetration  [ Read More ]

WLAN Security Megaprimer course DVD!

  Securitytube.net is leading the world wide web with its high quality contents over a vast number of computer security topics. Now they have released over 40+ HD videos containing 12+ hours of Wireless Ownage, this DVD weighs in at around 4.2 Gigabytes   These Amazing videos can be downloaded from here        [ Read More ]