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Hand Picked Google Dorks

Google Dorks Hand Picked

Dear Lov3ed one$,I just lov3 Google. Its the coolest thing ever invented by a human. Google is so cool that even the dorks it makes are pieces of Gold for sec g33ks like us :p. Almost all the security guys out there know little or more about the GOOGLE DORKS.  For some of us who  [ Read More ]

Learn how to Beat h@x0rs in their Own Game

Ever wondered how the h@x0rs these days take down a webite ?  w3ll if you did :p then i have exactly the rite web app for you from the best developers in the world at Google University. The Web App is “Gruyere” (the cheesiest application on the web). Screen Shot of Gruyere from their Website Gruyere  [ Read More ]

G33ks this is the most easiest web application testing tool i have ever used. Using this sec App is like using google chrome :p. Just type in the target url and press the launch button rest is all automated. I was surprised to see how simple and how powerful this tool is can be. It  actually carries  [ Read More ]

TOP 10 Cloud OS

  Fellow Geeks cloud based computing are apps of the  future. Web Based cloud OS enables it users to move their desktop anywhere they want and with the  help of any web browser they can have it back.  Cloud OS these days come with pre-installed web App which are no different than actual Computer based  [ Read More ]