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Dream Shell- The Python shell you've always dreamed about

What is DreamPie ? DreamPie is a Python shell which is designed to be reliable and fun. Features DreamPie was designed from the ground up to bring you a great interactive Python experience: DreamPie features a new concept for an interactive shell: the window is divided into the history box, which lets you view previous commands  [ Read More ]

THC’s SSL DOS TOOL Download Now

thc- SSL dos Tool download now

According t o THC this is a proof of concept tool that exploits a vulnerabity in SSL. It can knock of a server off the internet by exhausting the CPU power. This tool is by far not complete and can be greatly enhanced to further the impact. Comparing flood DDoS vs. SSL-Exhaustion attack: A traditional  [ Read More ]

Metasploit & Armitage: Checkout whats new

Metasploit update armitage whats New

Metasploit 4.1 and Armitage: What’s New?   Armitage Changelog ================== 10.13.11 take II? ——–  updated msf3/data directories to account for new install locations. Removed Meterpreter -> Access – > Duplicate because it is now redundant with Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session Updated Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session to have LPORT of default Meterpreter listener. Click  [ Read More ]

beef the browser exploitation Framework update download BeEF

Its time to update your fav- framework … If your are still new to beef u can see details over here Check out the Video. Beef Metasploit Plugin How to use Burp Scanner and sqlmap through the BeEF proxy How to attack the Intranet via the browser       Download BeEF Update -Alpha

HSTF: Hcon Security Testing Framework

HSTF Hcon Security Testing Framework

 Yet Another  web browser based security Testing Framework. It is Smilar to Mantra Specification : 1. Based on Chromium & Firefox Source (iron build) version 14 2. more secure and Tracking free from Google & Stable then other Chromium based builds 3. Over 100 tools integration with very easy use interface 4. Tested and heavily modified  [ Read More ]

Linux/unix & Windows Post-explotation Commands

Ok geeks, @mubix from Room362.com compiled a list of linux and windows commands on google docs that can be useful after eheem eheem 😛 tunneling into someone’s computer. These commands listed are normal commands but most of the time they are not mentioned or posted by penetration testers. Really a good Compilation. Linux Post-Explotation Commands https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ObQB6hmVvRPCgPTRZM5NMH034VDM-1N-EWPRz2770K4/edit?hl=en_US  [ Read More ]

Fbpwn: Facebook Social Engineering Framework

fbpwn Facebook Social Engineering Framework

A small note for Geeks :- This tool is specially designed for boyfriends / girlfriends who recently got dumped. This tool can be used other way round as weel. Imagination my friends :p A cross-platform Java based Facebook social engineering framework, sends friend requests to a list of Facebook profiles, and polls for the acceptance notification.  [ Read More ]

Morning Star’s Click Jacking for Shells

morning stars click jacking for shells

h@X0rz you have to check out this insane click jacking technique developed by Andrew Horton from Morning Star Security. Click jacking came into spotlight when social networking websites like facebook and Twitter were highly effected by this kind of vulnerability but it was still  not considered a big threat.  Andrew Hoton has demonstrated this issue with an  [ Read More ]

Twitter for FireFox

twitter for firefox download now

Geeks if  you are twitter and Firefox  lover and also want your self updated with every twit twitted by your fav celbz then you guys have to try this “Twiiter For Firefox” App. It beautifully integrates into your firefox just like a pinned tab. Here are the features Instantly connect:- Search people and topics on Twitter  [ Read More ]

Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Share one Keyboard one Mouse on Multiple Computers

Geeks if you ever wanted to use a single mouse and a keyboard over multiple computers then worry no more because “Synergy” is here to fix this problem. Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk. Just move your mouse off the edge of your screen. The Coolest thing  [ Read More ]